Hello, my name is Katarzyna Domachowska, please to meet you. I’m a young architect seeking for inspiration and people with whom I could share my opinions and ideas. Recently I successfully completed my masters degree in architecture at the Gdańsk University of Technology in Poland and after my graduation I moved to The Netherlands.

Already at the age of ten I dreamed of becoming an architect. Since then I focused on skills and interests that helped me reaching my goal. For many years I enjoyed taking drawing lessons, improved my photographic skills and searched for challenges in math and logical thinking.

During my years at university I started to discover what designing is about. The fact that a designing project is so much more than the creation of a new building is inspiring and exciting to me. I learned to enjoy the research of context: architecture really is the place where history, art, physics, mathematics, geography, law and even psychology come together to shape the world around us. I realized that an architect has to be connected to the world and  open to new ideas. Being constantly curious is my main goal.

In 2009 I did an internship in Budapest where I met people from all over the world. The encounter with other cultures was one of the main advantages of working abroad and this experience learned me to make bold decisions in my life. I moved to The Netherlands and right now I’m looking for interesting projects to join. Meanwhile I’m creating new exiting concepts and joining competitions.

As I’m always interested in meeting people I would like to know more about you! So, don’t hesitate to contact me at katarzyna@domachowska.nl I am always happy to response.


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