In my opinion designing is a constant dialogue between the ideas of current and past creators. It is the arena where the structures of former urban designers, planners, architects and engineers meet with newer generations. The new architectural designs should communicate by listening and answering these former creators and the environment of nature, geography and human structures. The demand of shaped structures should be answered by the architect, in a constant dialogue with the specific location, its history, the conceptual context, the surrounding nature and of course the need of people living and working in the area.

The impact of architecture is not only limited to the parcels borders, it also affects the surroundings, which means the district and even the whole area or city. But this impact works both ways. Therefore in my designs I put special attention to the urban scale of projects and I search for the specific character and atmosphere of the location.

I like to fully understand and experience a location which I am working on. Photography brings me closer to a better understanding of a specific site. It gives me the time to reflect and create different perspectives from multiple angles on the same area. Instead of taking some quick snap shots I like to take time to look carefully and search for new perspectives. It helps me to grab the location and look at it differently.